RISKmap welcomes Ewan Alexander

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Ewan Alexander has joined us, specifically in our risk management division as Chief Operating Officer of RISKmap International.

Ewan joins us with significant experience in safety and risk management, hailing from senior executive positions most recently with BHPBilliton and prior to this with DuPont. He will lead our projects and interventions in risk management, with a specific focus on critical risk control management. Ewan will play a key role in our deployment of advanced risk management systems, which bring risk engineering sciences to bear on a very complex process in any business. We are now able to support and enhance formal risk management approaches, such as the ICMM, COREsafe and others.

We move forward into 2016 with these two related companies having separate but aligned focus on leadership, safety culture and human factors in safety (SAFEmap) and on risk management (RISKmap).  Ewan will work closely with Steve Woodward, our COO in SAFEmap International.

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The SAFEmap Approach

SAFEmap have forged a reputation for creating truly effective safety programs.

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Shekou International Safety Forum

Leading with Safety

May 31 – June 1
Shenzhen, China


地点:深圳蛇口  希尔顿酒店





The first nationwide seminar series on safety, “Leading with Safety” Shekou International Safety Forum & Culture Products Exhibition (ISF+CPE) 2016, sponsored by the alliance of over 30 8s Safety Integrated Service Alliance companies, was established as a safety forum and exhibition of latest safety culture products.

The forum is aimed at “To share international experience, show culture inside and explore future of safety”.

Global renowned experts such as American safety behavior expert Dr. Thomas R. Krause, Canadian safety leadership expert Mr. Corrie Pitzer etc., and famous experts in China will be invited to join in dialogues, discussion, sharing and forecasts of focal topics as: safety behavior, safety leadership, safety culture, incident investigation and root cause analysis etc. And major trend of safety management and safety culture development will be probed into at the forum. At the same time, domestic well-known enterprises will be invited to show excellent performance of safety behavior, safety leadership and safety culture effects. Moreover, the “Model Enterprise of Safety Leadership Leading with Safety” will share experience and presentation on site, and be awarded honor certificates then.

Course Overview


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Pitzer/Conklin Workshop

June 29
Atlanta, Georgia

Don’t miss Dr Todd Conklin and Corrie Pitzer at this breakthrough Workshop!

In safety, we are still stuck in a psychology that is 30-40 years outdated, where many of our safety concepts are from the 1950’s and earlier and are now obsolete, and yet we still run with them every day, faster and harder.

“Safety is on the Edge”, balancing on a cliff’s edge, and if we as safety professionals don’t recognize this and become part of the change, we run the risk of being left behind.

These important questions will be addressed:

  • Why do ‘safe’ organizations have disasters?
  • Why do we have a safety plateau?
  • How do we break through?
  • What will the safety look like in the next 5-10 years?
  • What is a ‘resilient’ organization?
  • What is the difference between managing and leading?
  • Going from ‘good to great to awesome’ in safety?
  • Why not go to ‘awesome’ and what does that look like?

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For more information contact:
Micki MacLean
Tel: +1 604 642 6110
Email: micki.maclean@safemap.com

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