Readiness to Respond to Risks


“Safety’ is traditionally defined as the absence of accidents. Safemap’s new definition for safety is “Readiness to Respond to Risks” and it describes the capability of an organization to be proactive about risks identification and control. This capability should exist on strategic, tactical and operational levels, with the aim to respond to potential Serious Injury, Fatal and Catastrophic (PSIF&C) risks.


Research showed that serious accidents are complex events, which result from the random combination of many factors and variables, often after long periods of latency. ‘Awareness’ is not an issue that people can be ‘reminded of’ and complacency is not a ‘weakness’ or an ‘attitude’. The science behind our riskDELTA workshop is well-researched.  DELTA stands for the Deep Elimination of Latent Triggers of Accidents and through this program we create “Readiness to Respond to Risks”. 


This 1.5-day program is conducted on-site and is divided into:

  • Half-day classroom activity of experiential training of risk pattern and recognition skills, and training in a critical risk assessment tool.
  • Half-day field exercise in actual workplaces, where small teams conduct so-called SIXeye risk searches.
  • Half-day analysis activity, in which risk profiles are developed, and includes feedback to site management on the various findings that can be actioned.


  • An in-depth ‘test’ of the effectiveness of current critical risk controls
  • Provide employees with insights and entirely new perspectives on risk
  • A deep understanding of the human factors at play in the workplace
  • The ability to engage workers in a proactive and simple approach to risk management
  • The disposition to be proactive and decisive about risk and behaviors
  • Skills and tools to use team-based risk systems.


The organization gains the skills, techniques and processes to achieve “Readiness to Respond to Risks”.

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