Safemap International has been a leading provider of competency based training solutions for the mining, processing and manufacturing industries around the world since 1994.

Moving forward into 2016 we introduce Riskmap International and offer the services of two related companies which have separate but aligned safety and risk focus.

While Safemap International focuses on safety leadership, safety culture and human factors in safety, Riskmap International focuses on risk management.

Safemap International designs, develops and delivers a total safety solution by combining advanced safety techniques, systems and tools with a range of consulting services that focus on the most critical aspects of safety.

Riskmap International deploys advanced risk management systems, which bring risk engineering sciences to bear on a very complex process in any business –  dealing with risks and threats. We are now able to support and enhance formal risk management approaches, such as the ICMM, COREsafe and others.

Safemap and Riskmap employ a network of consultants around the world to meet the needs of its clients and operate from shared offices in Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America.