Humans are the strongest link in the safety chain.

Safety’s traditional focus on ‘the human factor’ is that the human is the weak link in the safety chain, a risk taker, prone to error or just unreliable. This obsession with human error has detracted from human capability and risk competence – its ability to act beyond boundaries and to achieve beyond limits. 

At Safemap our radically different approach can unleash extraordinary human capabilities in the workplace, because only humans can be passionate, inspirational, adaptive, imaginative, heroic, sacrificing themselves for the greater good and persist against all adversity! Only humans have the innate capacity for values – to care, to show integrity, accountability and loyalty. 

Humans are indeed the strongest link in the safety chain: naturally equipped to deal with dynamic risks flexibly, and with incredible risk skills… 

To unleash that capability, we need to provide employees with risk skills, knowledge and the right techniques to ensure their risks competence.

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