Culture trumps your system…every time!

On 10 June 2020, you can join Corrie Pitzer in a free webinar:

Culture is an ‘invisible power’ in the organization, that drives, influences and guides the behaviors of all members of the business. It ‘lives’ in the perceptions of people, or in simpler terms, in what they ‘believe is the right thing to do’ – where the ‘right thing’ is open to many interpretations. 

When the team works in isolation, when the worker is on night shift, when a job has to be done at breakneck speed to satisfy a customer – sometimes the only thing to remain alive, dynamic is your culture. 

Whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not, and…whether you have created it or not, you already HAVE a culture in your company and it will hurt you or it will save you.

Corrie will also discuss this question: 

You survived the Covid-19 crisis – but did your safety culture? 

When a crisis hits, it is going to affect your organization to the core – for better or for worse. The problem is you don’t know which…

Corrie will introduce the latest Safemap intervention, the Crisis Culture Survey.

This survey looks at your response to the crisis and delivers an analysis of the impact on the overall safety culture.