The Challenge

Goldcorp engaged SAFEmap in 2008 for the first time, to train over 1000 managers and supervisors. The focus for the client was on establishing progressive leadership skills at all levels.

SAFEmap Solution

SAFEmap developed and deployed the safeLEADER course, over many regions and languages at the company’s operations, in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala and Argentina.

Remarkable Results

The client attributed its remarkable safety improvements in ‘all accident’ rates, quarter-over-quarter, since 2008, significantly to the safeLEADER program, as well as to the follow-up program for employees, the safeDELTA course, in which over 14000 employees participated.

Client Feedback

Participants gave extremely positive feedback and ratings of the program, including the CEO, Chuck Jeannes:

“Interesting, challenging and fun! I have learnt a lot about safety culture and ideas that I needed to know as a CEO”