The Challange

Umicore in Belgium is a large, global organization, with over 14000 employees. It contracted SAFEmap in 2013 to do an in-depth analysis of its safety culture. The organization was experiencing flat safety performance and unable to break through to the ‘next level’, realizing that the barriers were ‘cultural’ and not technical.

SAFEmap Solution

SAFEmap deployed the Risk e-Profile perception survey, which is uniquely placed to measure the true perceptions, not the superficial opinions, of the workforce. The survey quantified perceptions in several categories, including perceptions of the company, of managers, of supervisors, or safety rules, systems, teams and personal attitudes to risk.

The survey resulted in a comprehensive analysis and report to the management team, and also eventually communicated to the workforce, which then led to the deployment of targeted actions and corrections that would otherwise not have been possible.

Remarkable Results

Since the deployment of the survey, the safeLEADER course was also deployed and the organization has experienced significant improvements in safety improvements, internal communications and employee morale.