The Challenge

SAFEmap International was engaged by a large Defence and Aerospace organisation to provide a pathway for strategic improvement in the area of leadership and safety. ¬†Realising that the organisation had reached a plateau in their safety performance, SAFEmap were selected for their singular and unique ability to assist this large, geographically diverse and technologically complex organisation transform the way that they ‘went about’ safety in their business.

SAFEmap Solution

In close partnership with the organisation SAFEmap designed and executed a wide ranging strategy that included organistional wide employee perception surveys, safety leadership training with key¬†leaders beginning with the CEO and his team, interventions on the shop floor for workforce members and ‘train the trainer’ processes that allow for the self maintenance of concepts within the business after SAFEmap’s involvement.

Remarkable Results

In the time that SAFEmap has partnered with this organisation they have seen an improvement in their safety performance overall. Most importantly though, perceptions of employees have become significantly more positive in areas that are key for lasting and sustainable improvement in safety. This has resulted in greater engagement by employees across all levels in the ‘safety process and discussions’. Employees now see the company as more seriously committed to safety and caring more about employees when it comes to safety, rather than the ‘numbers game’ that is the focus of so many in safety.