Corrie Pitzer to present the Occupational Keynote

at the NSC Congress & Expo

October 11-13, 2021

On the other side of COVID-19 – Stronger and Safer than ever!

We want to share exciting news about our CEO, Corrie Pitzer, who has been asked to present the Occupational Keynote again at this year’s NSC Conference.

“The pandemic has severed the life support of safety: interaction between teams and within teams. The ‘human touch’ is under threat and safety culture, as we know it, is slowly decaying, possibly dying. It is a whole new world out there…

But there is a way out. Just like a vaccine injects the same germs as the disease itself, to trigger immunity, we can use ‘virtual germs’ to create a new capability, to become not only resilient, but stronger and safer than before, to become ‘antifragile’. This presentation will outline (also as a ‘live’ demonstration) how we can embrace virtual interaction, gamification, nudge theory, microlearning and immersive learning in innovative and exciting ways, for ‘a new safety’ to thrive in!

Not because we can, but because we have to!”

Corrie Pitzer

Corrie Pitzer: He was the Group Risk Manager for Billiton for 10 years, and in 1994 he founded SAFEmap. He is one of the leading consultants internationally on ‘new thinking in safety’. He is based in Canada and consults to major companies including Southern Company, Xcel Energy, Anglo American, Nike, Cianbro and many more.

Keynote Details

Session #: 302
Session Title: On the other side of COVID-19 – Stronger and Safer than ever!
Date: October 12
Time: 8am to 9.30am, Central Time

Technical Session Details

Session #: 89
Session Title: COVID Attacked Culture – and Safety on its Deathbed
Date: October 13
Time: 1pm to 2pm, Central Time

Booth Details

Take the time to meet the Safemap team at booth #2859. We would love to answer any question you may have or share with you how we partner with organisations just like yours!

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