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Deepak is a Corporate EHS Advisor with multicultural exposure serving multinational companies. He is a Mechanical Engineer and holds a Master’s in Occupational health & Safety (USA) & Environmental law Diploma from National Law School. He started his EHS career in the USA from 1991 and joined General Electric Corp as V.P. for India/SEA in 2001. Since 2013, Deepak has shared EHS conventions with various clients. He became associated with Safemap International in 2018 when he conducted culture surveys, evaluation and gave feedback to a client. 

With 30 years of varied Industry experience he specializes in Hazard Identification & Risk Management; EHS Culture Building; Beyond BBS; Plant Managers EHS Training; EHS Leaders Mentor; Supplier development program; Regulatory Compliance; Lockout/Tagout; PPE Assessment & Accident Management. He is also, an active Lead Assessor for EHS Excellence Awards & Speaker at our Global Conferences.