From early in his adult life, Chris has been attracted to high risk occupations: from commanding a small team of armoured fighting vehicles as a junior army officer, to training hundreds of aspiring fighter pilots, to flying low-level formation aerobatics at air shows. However, always an advocate for safety, Chris developed an enduring fascination with the balance between risk and safety. He found a deep interest in the Human Factors of culture, leadership and coaching and how they shape the risk competence of organizations.


  • Master of Aviation Management (Cum Laude) – University of Newcastle (AU)
  • Graduate Certificate in Business Administration – University of Newcastle (AU)
  • Human Factors Trainer Examiner (North America, Europe and Military)
  • Inter-Cultural Management Practitioner – Hofstede Insights
  • Organizational Culture Practitioner – Hofstede Insights
  • Quality Management System Lead Auditor – ISO9001
  • Master of Science in Psychology – Derby University (UK – in progress)
  • Flying Instructor on combat jets, civilian aircraft and flight simulators
  • Airline Transport Pilot License


  • Member of the Royal Aeronautical Society (MRAeS)
  • Member of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
  • Member of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association
  • Member of the Royal Canadian Legion
  • Member of the Royal Air Forces Association 
  • Student Member of the British Psychological Society

Specific Areas of Interest

Human Factors
Chris is a certified examiner of aviation industry Human Factors trainers. This means he teaches and examines the trainers who facilitate aviation Human Factors learning for pilots, air traffic controllers, technicians and operations staff. The training involves exploring human perception and performance, leadership and decision-making, communication and culture. Chris is finding innovative ways to apply these aviation human factors to industries and organizations, making the workplace safer and more efficient. When employing the SafeMap risk competence products, he brings a deep knowledge and broad experience of Human Factors to bear on your organizational and safety culture needs. 

“I am African by birth, Dutch by descent, Canadian and Australian by relation, British and American by association and Arabian by residence.” – culture is at the heart of Chris’ story. He understands the influence of national and corporate culture on values, attitudes, risk and ultimately safety at work. Applying SafeMap instruments, Chris will make your safety culture tangible. He can help your organization become a physically and emotionally safe space, where everyone can thrive.

As a corporate executive, air force squadron leader and army officer, Chris has applied dynamic leadership in environments where decisions have meaningful consequences. With a Masters in Management, Chris appreciates the solid science behind the SafeMap arsenal of management tools. Our clients can engage complex leadership and safety challenges, confident that proven processes are at work when SafeMap is involved.