International Associate
Safemap International

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Chris has a diverse educational background including a Master’s in Aviation Management and a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration and he is currently working to complete his Master of Science in Psychology. He has always been attracted to high risk occupations from commanding a small team of armoured fighting vehicles as a junior army officer, to training hundreds of aspiring fighter pilots, to flying low-level formation aerobatics at air shows. However, always an advocate for safety, Chris developed an enduring fascination with the balance between risk and safety. He found a deep interest in the Human Factors of culture, leadership and coaching and how they shape the risk competence of organizations.

He describes himself as: “I am African by birth, Dutch by descent, Canadian and Australian by relation, British and American by association and Arabian by residence.” – culture is at the heart of Chris’ story. He understands the influence of national and corporate culture on values, attitudes, risk and ultimately safety at work. Applying Safemap instruments, Chris will make your safety culture tangible. He can help your organization become a physically and psychologically safe space, where everyone can thrive.