DeepSafe Leadership-360


The DeepSafe Leadership-360 assessment is a powerful tool for any leader of safety in the workplace. It is a comprehensive 15-page report and profile of your leadership, based on the assessment of people around you.

And it is easily done – you simply give us the names of 6 observers (direct reports, colleagues and manager) and we send them a link to complete your 360 on line. It only takes about 15 minutes of their time and we provide you with a most in-depth analysis.

Leadership is about making an impact on people around, not only your direct reports, but also your colleagues and even your manager.

What does it measure?

These are the 5 practices of safety leaders, and a unique model that was developed by SAFEmap, based on the actions and practices of leaders in high risk work environments:


From this profile, we provide you with key recommendations on which steps you can take to make you a true DeepSafe leader, who can inspire others to greater things.

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